PostSecret Fans in Uproar Over NBC Show

Fans of PostSecret are steamed at NBC and they are letting their fury loose in the NewTeeVee comments. The uproar was sparked yesterday when PostSecret linked to a story we wrote earlier this month about NBC launching an upcoming online series called Fears, Secrets and Desires.

We pointed out in our original story that the premise of NBC’s show was similar to that of PostSecret in that users submit their fears, secrets and desires. Only instead of an artistic post card, NBC would create a series of videos around the submissions, using Hollywood talent to bring them to life.

In its blog update on Sunday, PostSecret founder Frank Warren posted the following email message he received:

Hey Frank,

Ever notices how the (corporate owned) media reports on big companies that prosecute people for “stealing” music and other creative content from the web. But you never read any stories about the corporations like 3M and NBC that pirate from PostSecret and other websites.

“NBC” in the post linked back to our initial coverage on NewTeeVee. PostSecreters’ reactions were swift and litigious. Here are some sample comments:

And NBC has the nerve to call “Fears, Secrets and Desires” an NBC Web Original. It’s not an original, it’s a blatant rip off that’s going to pander to the lowest common denominator. It won’t be Post Secret- it will be Jerry Springer. NBC, for shame. Post Secret should sue.

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