Voice calls over 4G LTE networks are battery killers

VoIP may be the future on mobile communications, but new findings from testing outfit Spirent show the technology needs to improve its power efficiency if it’s to become viable. Its tests found that a VoLTE call consumes twice as much battery life as a 2G call.

Forget networking, the data center of the future is software defined too

Software defined networking made a big splash last week at the Interop show in Las Vegas with a variety of vendors pitching their vision of how abstracting out networking from the physical hardware will change the overall way IT services are implemented. But the most disruptive element of the entire software defined networking trend is that it enables the next era of IT, the software defined data center, a concept Steve Herrod the CTO of VMware introduced at the show.

Power is a problem. Cloud is the answer

The majority of data center operators are relying on server virtualization, hot and cold aisle containment and power monitoring software to make their operations more energy-efficient, according to data released today by an industry research group. And many data center operators are eying the cloud.