GE is using big data to make smarter turbines

GE is pushing new technology that uses hundreds of sensors and advanced analytics to make its fleet of gas turbines run more efficiently. GE is a big fan of big data, investing more than $100 million in tech companies this year alone.

Inside the World’s Largest Carbon-Capture Test Facility

The largest test site in the world for trialing technologies that capture, recycle and store carbon emissions is the $1 billion, 350-MW Technology Centre Mongstad plant in Norway. The Norwegian government and a group of energy companies launched the site last year (behind schedule and over budget), but its ten times as big as the largest carbon capture pilots around the world.

An exercise in galactic-scale energy

Follow physics professor Tom Murphy on an exercise in galactic energy that points out the absurdity that results from the assumption that we can continue growing our consumption of energy forever.