Oh, no: not another wireless-charging group!

Wireless charging sounds great: Drop your gadget on a little mat, which itself is plugged into an outlet, and your phone or MP3 player sits there and charges away. But the industry can’t agree on standards, and on Monday a new wireless charging group was formed.

Qualcomm buys wireless electric car charging tech

Wireless giant Qualcomm has jumped into the electric vehicle market by acquiring the assets of a company, called HaloIPT, out of New Zealand that has developed wireless electric car charging tech.

GM Bets on Powermat for Wireless Charging in Cars

The Volt plus wireless charging is an early adopter power match made in heaven. At CES, GM said it will offer wireless charging in some cars — including the Volt — via startup Powermat. GM has also backed Powermat with $5 million.

Taking the EVO 4G to the Powermat on Video

Charging gadgets without wires has been a dream for a long time, and it is finally becoming reality with the Powermat Wireless Charging System. The small charging mat couples with a special charging back on the EVO 4G in the video to charge the battery wirelessly.

Wireless Power Is Still Pretty Useless


The Powermat charging pad.

The technology industry has invested a lot of marketing energy¬†and dollars into getting consumers excited about wireless power, the promise being that it will free us from the size and feature constraints imposed by batteries. There’s a consortium of bigwigs from Nokia (s nok)¬† to Dell (s dell) trying to advance a standard called Qi, and Intel (s intc) and WiTricity are trying to develop an even more compelling technology that will transfer power over the air. But we’re still a long way from cutting the cord. Read More about Wireless Power Is Still Pretty Useless