Next iPhone already available for preorder

Despite the fact that the next iPhone hasn’t yet been officially announced, that hasn’t stopped one retailer from beginning to accept preorders for the mystery device. German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom confirmed that customers will be able to reserve Apple’s next iPhone as of Monday.

Has Your iPhone 4 Order Been Canceled?

Several online sites have been reporting that both AT&T (s att) as well as Apple (s aapl) have been canceling both online and in-store orders for both valid and non-sensical reasons.

Pre-order iPhone 4 Tomorrow

Can’t wait to get your hands on the latest iPhone? Or are you looking to score a $99 iPhone 3GS? AT&T (s att) and Apple (s aapl) have teamed up with Best Buy, Walmart, and even RadioShack to make it all happen just for you…tomorrow.

Analyst Estimate: 150,000 iPads Pre-Ordered Already

While the number isn’t official (Apple (s aapl) isn’t exactly free and easy with its sales figures), one analyst is saying that although its early yet to tell, it looks like the iPad is on track to break some pretty significant records in terms of order volume. Amateur Apple (s aapl) analyst Daniel Tello, who regularly outguesses the pros, is now saying that around 152,000 iPads have been pre-ordered in the first 72 hours of availability.

Tello’s approach involves extrapolating Apple web order numbers. This time around, he worked with Victor Castroll, a Valcent Financial Group analyst. Together, they surveyed a sample group and found 120 orders for 137 iPads over 58 hours beginning at 8:30 A.M. Friday morning.

From there, Tello applied a formula that subtracts non-iPad orders on Apple’s site and multiplies the resulting number by an average of 1.125 iPads per order. Finally, he added in 2,000 units for late-night hours during which time they had no data. In the end, the total arrived at was 152,000 ending at midnight on Sunday. The number doesn’t factor in iPads reserved for in-store pickup. Read More about Analyst Estimate: 150,000 iPads Pre-Ordered Already

Was the iPad Launch a Success?

Even though a single iPad hasn’t actually been shipped, that won’t stop the questions over the success of initial orders from being asked. Considering how Apple (s aapl) has positioned the iPad in the product lineup, on par with the Mac, iPod, and iPhone, Steve Jobs better have a press-release answer ready.

On Friday, Philip Elmer-DeWitt at Apple 2.0 started following people following the numbers, though whether those numbers are real or imaginary is yet to be determined. The data thus far derived has come from InvestorVillage, an Internet forum for “self-directed investors.”
By using orders numbers from an admittedly small number of purchasers, and accounting for purchases of other products at the Apple Store, the initial estimate was 51,000 in the first two hours, 74,000 after four and a half hours, and 91,000 in six hours. According to Apple 2.0, by the end of Friday the estimated number of iPad pre-orders was approximately 120,000. That’s the good news, assuming it’s true. Read More about Was the iPad Launch a Success?

iPad Now Available for Pre-order

Apple’s much talked about iPad is now available for pre-order.

The Wi-Fi version of the iPad will deliver on April 3 or be available for in-store pickup then (if you chose that option). The 3G version still has no official ship date, just an ominous “late April.”
I pre-ordered the 16GB Wi-Fi version first thing this morning and let’s just say all the little extras add up fast. The $499 iPad quickly turned in to the $730 iPad between AppleCare and a few accessories. Such is the life of an early adopter, I suppose.
So, will you be pre-ordering an iPad today? If so, which one? Read More about iPad Now Available for Pre-order