DoCoMo Buys the Rest of PacketVideo for $112M

NTT DoCoMo is buying the remaining interest of mobile video innovator PacketVideo from NextWave Wireless in a deal worth $111.6 million. The acquisition comes as a followup to a deal last July, in which DoCoMo bought a 35 percent stake in the company for $45.5 million.

Is It Time to Stick a Fork in Palm?

The news coming out of Palm just gets worse and worse. Analysts are quick to point out what Palm has done wrong to find itself in this untenable position, but the way forward is anything but clear. Is it time for Palm to call it quits?

Computer or Smartphone? What to Grab?

Today’s smartphones are full mobile computers, and can handle most functions needed on a short outing. I still find myself asking if I should bring a computer on such trips, in case the phone is not enough should an unexpected work opportunity present itself.

Updated: Palm Halting Phone Production? Nope

A rumor has cropped up that Palm is halting the production of the Pre and Pre Plus product line. It is hard to explain why they would do that, so it may be one of those rumors that appear on the web from time to time.

How Much Will AT&T webOS Phones Help Palm?

Evidence supports Palm’s webOS handsets could be joining AT&T’s network in May. Surely that’s good for Palm, but how good will it be? Will iPhone users abandon Apple’s iTunes ecosystem to make the switch? And what about those expected Android phones coming to AT&T?

5 Must-have Apps for Palm Phones

Spending time with the new Palm phones have given me a renewed appreciation of webOS, and the way the phones multitask so well. The phones multitask very well, making it desirable to have good apps installed. Here are my 5 must-have apps for Palm phones.

Like AT&T, O2 Pays the Price for Heavy iPhone Usage

AT&T (s t) isn’t the only operator whose network shortcomings have been exposed by data-hungry iPhone users. O2 — which until recently was the only UK operator to carry Apple’s (s aapl) gadget — said it will spend $166 million over the next several months to shore up its network to meet ever-increasing demands from smartphone users. Additionally, the carrier said it will build 40 new cell sites in and around London in advance of the holiday season. Read More about Like AT&T, O2 Pays the Price for Heavy iPhone Usage

Palm Pre Sales in “Substantial Decline”: Analyst

palm-prePalm’s (s palm) bet on webOS isn’t paying many dividends, according to a research note issued by Northeast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar this morning. Domestic sell-through checks point to a “substantial decline” in recent sales of the Pre, Kumar said, and slashing the price to $99 hasn’t helped much. Nor is the upcoming launch of the Pixi likely to reverse the trend.
Those slowing sales are whittling away at the prospects for webOS, which Palm had positioned as a worthy competitor to the iPhone (s aapl), Android (s goog) and BlackBerry (s rimm) platforms. From the note: Read More about Palm Pre Sales in “Substantial Decline”: Analyst