Defending the Apple way

The crux of the government’s case against Apple is that it acted as the “ringmaster” of a conspiracy among the publishers to raise the price of ebooks above what Amazon was selling them for. But what the government calls a conspiracy in restraint of trade, Apple calls standard operating procedure for entering a concentrated media market.

Publishers to testify against Apple in price-fixing trial

Apple’s exposure in a closely-watched price-fixing case over ebooks looks more serious as the CEOs of major publishers — which have already settled with the government — will testify about Apple’s role in the case.

Amazon execs set to testify in price-fixing case against Apple

Amazon won a court ruling last week that restrict Apple’s access to its executives and documents. Filings from the case also show that senior Amazon executives are poised to testify for the government in its price-fixing case against Apple.

Penguin tries to fix its ebook pricing problems

Should a merger agreement between Penguin and Random House be reached, agency pricing is most assuredly dead. Any approval of the merger by the Justice Department would almost certainly be conditioned on Penguin and Random House agreeing to forgo any agency pricing deals with retailers for at least several years.

Ebook case: more poetry and no refund for the judge

A lawyer in the high profile case over ebook price fixing is hoping a line of poetry will persuade a judge to stop the proceedings. Meanwhile, the judge said she will not collect a price-fixing refund as new prices go into effect today.