Today in Cleantech

While the smart grid industry converges on Washington D.C. for this week’s GridWise Global Forum, who’s minding the smart metering store over in Europe? Cue Ben Schuman, smart grid analyst at Pacific Crest Securities, who’s watching for any revelations from the Metering Europe 2010 show starting tomorrow in Vienna. With France’s EDF hoping to roll out 35 million smart meters and Spain’s Iberdrola planning 18 million, there’s still little clarity on which vendors’ technologies will win out, Schuman says. (For other European countries’ smart meter plans, check this Capgemini report — pdf). If anything, it appears Europe wants its meters for cheap — Iberdrola has a price target of €35 ($46) for the meter portion of its AMI deployment, less than the $60 and up typical in the United States, Schuman said.