Britain’s press inquiry is a deathbed confession, not a solution

Lord Justice Leveson’s high-profile inquiry into phone hacking and unethical behavior by the British press never really tackled the big problems at the heart of the news industry. And what’s worse is that this huge error wasn’t a mistake — but the result of willful ignorance.

With $2M, Savveo wants to revamp traditional local ad buying

Despite the momentum behind digital advertising at the local level, Savveo, a Charlotte, NC-based company, has raised $2 million to build an online marketplace to help advertisers buy offline advertising, from ads on television and the radio to billboards and print.

Digital won’t “evaporate” ad dollars

A new survey has revived the fear that digital ad spending will shrink the overall pie. While newspapers have it tough, other big ad markets are still pretty healthy, and technologies like targeting and social media advertising could still increase the value of — and thus spending on — both digital and traditional media.

Buckle up: Traditional TV is in for a heck of a ride

A generational shift is unfolding in the way we consume content. It’s a fundamental change in consumer behavior that will impact businesses across all industries. Will the inevitable disruption of internet TV be similar to the downslide of print media?