Gotta love that long tail: Walls360 goes on-demand with Zazzle

Graphic design startup Walls360 has teamed with Zazzle to let consumers create and sell their own custom wall graphics via Zazzle’s self-service customization platform. With more than 10,000 designs already uploaded, the partnership reinforces the power of an on-demand, long-tail business model online.

Ezeep offers new portal to printing in the cloud

We lift the lid on stealth startup Ezeep, which wants to reinvent printing for the mobile generation by using a cloud portal that gives businesses a simple and secure way to let guests carry out one of life’s mundane but necessary tasks

Getting Around Apple’s AirPrint Restrictions

New iPad ads show users effortlessly printing with the tap of a finger. Unfortunately, the reality doesn’t match the ads: AirPrint, introduced in iOS 4.2, only works with 16 printers, all from HP. Luckily, there are third-party solutions to this limitation.

Apple Brags About iOS 4.2 Developer Beta

In conjunction with the iOS 4.2 beta, Apple has issued a press release touting “AirPrint.” The trendily named wireless printing feature for iOS will be included with iOS 4.2. AirPrint will initially work with HP ePrint printers or shared printers on a PC or Mac.

Print to… the Cloud?

Recently, tech news has understandably saturated by the launch of the iPhone 4. Strangely, Hewlett-Packard chose this period to announce what could be one of their most exciting developments of recent years, introducing the “future of printing:” a range of web connected and “cloud aware” printers.

Sustainable Printing: The Environmental Impact of Your Printer

Much of our communication and documentation is still conducted via a paper trail. Not only does this leave piles of paper to manage, there’s the economic cost of all of that ink and paper and, importantly, there’s also an environmental cost involved with printing that we all bear as a society.

Phanfare Taps the Cloud to Print Photos via the iPhone

phanfarePhanfare, a subscription-based video and photo archival service, has paired up with Hewlett-Packard (s hpq) to offer an updated version of its Photon application for the iPhone (s appl) and iPod touch, and it’s available starting today for free in the iTunes App store. The new version of Photon lets you print photos from your Phanfare acccount on most networked HP inkjet printers. This new capability makes the iPhone a more powerful device because it acts as a gateway to the photos Photofare stores in the cloud, enabling the handset to achieve nearly the same efficiency as a PC. Read More about Phanfare Taps the Cloud to Print Photos via the iPhone

Today in Cloud

Although I maintain reservations about whether to call them “cloud” services, HP’s MagCloud and On Demand Books, of which Google is now a partner, are great services nonetheless. How great is it that custom publishers can sell their magazine without having to do so at printing-press scale? Or that librophiles can stop in the bookstore and (almost) instantly have their hands on a long out-of-print title? Print might be dying, but part of the reason is the enormous overhead involved (thanks to printing, marketing, etc.) balanced against a decrease in demand. With on-demand models, however, the overhead is essentially nil, and consumers don’t have to pay for it in the final price — and we have the web to thank. Hmm … maybe this model is more cloud-like (or SaaS-like) than I thought.