Why Amazon has a big opportunity in product crowdfunding

Kickstarter has told the world it is not a store, but can a store be Kickstarter? After tries by a few startups to improve the preorder experience, the king of online retail may be stepping in to claim its crowdfunding reward.

Data killed the HiPPO star

As the former CEO of OpenTable, Jeff Jordan can attest that most CEOs believe they intuitively know which product developments will make the biggest impact. In this article, Jordan makes a compelling case for letting data — and not the CEO — drive product development.

Proof Steve Jobs worked until the end on Apple’s “next product”

A newly revealed anecdote suggests just how dedicated Steve Jobs was to Apple. Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son attended the iPhone 4S announcement event, and learned from Tim Cook that Jobs wanted to talk to the new Apple CEO about the company’s “next product” that very day.

Where Startups Are Headed: Rapid, Lean and Micro

Whether you help run a web-based startup, are a member of an online production team, or earn your living in part by understanding how things get done on the web, it’s important to get a sense of how the most innovative Internet companies create their products and build their businesses today.
Even though the current economic climate is not so hot, amazing advances in the open source software movement, coupled with vastly reduced costs for such things as infrastructure, bandwidth and software services are allowing web-based companies to develop online products and services faster than ever before. And Internet companies themselves are developing non-traditional strategies that best meet the needs of the hyper-paced modern web marketplace.