Stay Agile With Cross-platform Software Solutions

It used to be that you could depend on Window as the default lingua franca of business computing. That’s becoming less and less the case, and it’s becoming clear that the foremost virtue for enterprise software going forward will be platform independence.

Offshoring Can Help Remote Workers Stay Competitive

The ability to work from home is seen by many employees as a good thing, allowing them more freedom and fewer inconveniences. But the growth of remote working isn’t all roses, for either employees or employers. Is the rise of offshore labor also a threat?

How to Make Paper Communication Productive With QR Codes

Creating and using QR codes is so easy, it struck me that they could also be useful for enterprise deployment, especially if your office still uses paper for some communication purposes. Here are some sample applications of the kinds of implementations that I’m now using.

Why the Mac App Store Is Great for Remote Workers

For Mac-using remote workers, the Mac App Store presents a major step forward in making sure that we always have our tools with us, no matter where we are. The App Store now allows us to install apps associated with our accounts to any Mac.

How Will the Move to the Cloud Impact Remote Productivity?

More our activities are making their way to the cloud, but what effect will that have on productivity? To anticipate the impact of a cloud-based remote workforce, look at the last time there was a revolution in the way workers connected: the rise of the Internet.

Is Smartphone Productivity a Myth?

I’ve been using a smartphone for around four years now, and I have a confession to make: I’m fairly sure that during that time, my cellphone usage has, if anything, become far less productive. But with apps, email and Internet access, how could that possibly be?

Top 3 Productivity Pitfalls Disguised as Work-Boosting Tools

Many of the things that masquerade as helpful in getting work done can, in fact, make jobs harder and draw things out.. Here’s a list of three things that have led me down the garden path when it comes to being genuinely productive.

Policing Productivity: Who’s Looking Over Your Shoulder?

How do you police your time online without using automated systems if you are your own supervisor? Even the most disciplined worker, faced with years of a relaxed work environment, will begin to waver. Here’s how to get back on track without sacrificing your soul.

How to Take Effective Conference Notes

If your primary goal at conferences is to learn, then note-taking is essential. But how can you focus on note taking when you have other things on your mind such as networking and the other sessions you have to attend?

Busting 3 Common Productivity Myths

Whether it’s establishing new rules or using employee monitoring software, businesses are always looking for new ways to get more “productive time” from their employees. Some companies ban access to Facebook or grab random screenshots of employee workstations. But do any of these measures actually work?