Estonia’s plan to get 6 year olds coding is a stroke of genius

When should children learn to code? Estonia’s Tiger Leap Foundation wants children as young as six to be enrolled in coding classes — all part of a national program that has already turned this tiny country into a technological powerhouse.

Software coding: not just for programmers anymore

The thought that everyone should write software is gaining steam. The reasoning is that if all the people who use software actually understand how to build software, everyone’s better off. But if everyone codes, what’s that mean for the professionals?

Red hot Codecademy gets $10m from Index and KPCB

Education startup Codecademy — which promises to help anyone learn to program with its game-like online courses — is stepping up to the international market with a $10 million round of funding from new backers including Index Ventures and Kleiner Perkins.

Another reason you should learn to code: Python for Excel

Anyone who has used Microsoft Excel since 1993 has likely dabbled at least once with VBA, or Visual Basic for Applications. Now, a pair of MIT students have created an plug-in alternative to VBA called IronSpread, which uses the cross-platform Python scripting language.

Comcast data caps stand in the way of Sony video service

Sony has big plans for a competitive home video service to compete with programming offers from the cable and satellite companies – or maybe I should say ‘had’. Those plans are on hold until regulators decide if Comcast can keep prioritize its content over everyone else’s.

iPad has potential as programming teaching tool, if Apple would let it

Forward-thinking educators are looking to the iPad as a cheap, powerful and creative learning tool. Some use it specifically to introduce programming to young students. But Apple has yet to fully embrace this endeavor, despite its founder’s passion for “the intersection of liberal arts and technology.”

Google’s Dart may be the code to make web apps shine

Google unveiled its effort to create a programming language solely for building web apps. Much like there’s a shift in computer hardware to take advantage of a more connected and mobile world, Google is attempting to push a concurrent shift in software.