Vid-Biz: Netflix, Katzenberg, Project Canvas

Today on the Net: A third of young Netflix users substitute the service for pay television, Jeffrey Katzenberg lashes out at 3-D skeptics, Project Canvas incorporates as YouView and Time Warner could lose subscribers in the third quarter.

Vid-Biz: Fox Soccer, Project Canvas, TiVo Remote

Today on the Net: Fox Soccer has launched a subscription broadband offering that will make more than 700 soccer and rugby matches available, Channel 5 has decided to rejoin Project Canvas after the completion of its sale and TiVo released a new remote with QWERTY keyboard.

Vid-Biz: Shakira, Current TV, Project Canvas

Today on the Net: Shakira is taking questions from YouTube, Current TV is overhauling in hopes of a sale, the trust overseeing the BBC approves its involvement with the to-be-renamed Project Canvas and Microsoft forsees strong ad growth.

Vid-Biz: Google TV, Clearleap, Project Canvas

Today on the Net: An analysis of what Google TV means to advertisers, Clearleap hits a milestone by topping 10 million cable subscribers and the U.K. Office of Fair Trade has decided against investigating the BBC’s Project Canvas.

Vid-Biz: Comcast-NBC, ESPN, Vudu

CEO: Comcast Won’t Discriminate Against Competitor’s Web Programming; Comcast Chairman Brian Roberts says his company will not discriminate against Web programming by competitors, but makes no promises about putting all, or any, new programming on the Web. (Broadcasting & Cable)

ESPN Begins Cross Media Research Program Ahead Of Summer’s World Cup Coverage; the cable network is starting ESPN XP to study consumer behavior around major sporting events, beginning with the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa this summer. (paidContent)

Samsung, Toshiba, and Vizio Now Shipping With Vudu; the web video service is now embedded on consumer electronics products from five of the seven CE manufacturers it has announced deals with. (Vudu blog)

Online TV-Watching Becomes Interactive Experience; NBC is unveiling an online-video viewer placed smack dab in the midst of other interactive content related to the program a fan chooses, making it easier for fans to take quizzes, choose deleted scenes or read blogs tied to their favorite program. (AdAge)

U.K.’s OFT To Examine Project Canvas; the Office of Fair Trading will examine Project Canvas, giving critics such as BSkyB and Virgin Media a chance to submit their concerns to competition authorities for the first time. (paidContent:UK)

GlideTV Launches What’s On Channel for Web Videos on TV; the new What’s On feature aggregates a lot of web videos in a single channel that users can browse to discover movies and video. (VentureBeat)

AOL To Make Videos Search Engine Friendly; in a recently filed patent application, AOL describes a way to “study” the instant messages shared by people viewing a video and scanning this text for keywords that may be added as a metadata. (Go Rumors)

NHL Launches Nifty Video iPhone App; rights issues will keep North American hockey fans from accessing NHL Ice Time 2010, a new freemium iPhone app being launched by the National Hockey League this week in the UK and Europe. (paidContent)

Vid-Biz: Hulu, CBS, Blockbuster

CBS Finds Personalized Online Video Ad Insertions Nets 95% Completion Rates; network says personalized ads fare up to 15 percent better that regular mid-roll ads. (
Hulu to Offer NFL Content; partnership with NFL gives Hulu viewers access to award winning shows containing historical game footage. (emailed release)
Panasonic Ties With Best Buy for 3D TV Promotion; CE maker hopes to sell 500,000 3D TVs in the U.S. this year. (Reuters)
Uneasy Alliance Between Canvas and Manufacturers; U.K.’s Project Canvas has named Cisco, Humax and Technicolor as manufacturers for its connected TV platform, but tensions with major industry players remain. (Broadband TV News)
Over 4.5 Million Choose Terra for Olympic Coverage; audience in Latin America tuned in through Terra’s 15 online channels, watching an total of 16 million streams. (emailed release)
Blockbuster Won’t Survive: CEO Says “Conservative Approach” Required For Digital; Dan Rayburn listened in on Blockbuster’s earnings call, now believes the video chain is doomed. (

Vid-Biz: Hulu Premium, KickApps, Project Canvas

Disney: “No Decisions Have Been Made” on Hulu Premium; Disney EVP Kevin Mayer says “no decisions have been made” about what kind of pay models and services Hulu is going to use, or when those will roll out. (MediaMemo)

KickApps Lands NBC for Social Video Sites; the companies struck a licensing deal that enables all of NBCU’s entertainment properties to use KickApps’ social software solution, expanding a prior relationship that focused primarily on NBC’s local media properties. (VideoNuze)

TV Makers, Retailers Voice Project Canvas Concerns; The Digital TV Group, which represents more than 100 companies including Samsung, Sony, Pace and Dixons, has expressed concern that Project Canvas is failing in its core promise to create an open, industry-wide technology standard for the service. (paidContent:UK)

Comcast To Launch Xfinity Rebranding Campaign; starting next week, Comcast will begin rolling out the new Xfinity brand — Xfinity TV, Xfinity Internet and Xfinity Voice — to customers in 11 markets. (Multichannel News)

FreeWheel Signs Up MLB As Its Newest Customer; the video ad firm now serves almost 2 billion video ads per month, doubling its volume since November 2009, and has added Major League Baseball Advanced Media to its customer roster. (VideoNuze)

YouTube Could Get Hit With Italian Broadcaster Rules; under a new decree, video sites like Google’s YouTube could be required to get government permission to host copyrighted video content, and they would also be required to get broadcasting licenses. (paidContent:UK)

EPIX Lands Cable Deal With Charter Communications; the movie and entertainment streaming network that works across your TV and computer landed its fourth cable deal, following up on other deals struck with Cox Communications and Mediacom Communications. (TechCrunch)

Battle of the Digital Media Players; Davis Freeburg takes a look at a few of the most popular software media players (and video destinations) to determine which one may be best for consumers. (Zatz Not Funny!)

Vid-Biz: Project Canvas, DISH Network, FX

Canvas’ Biggest Threat Is Happening In Las Vegas Right Now; the BBC’s biggest challenge for its set-top-box project may be winning over TV makers who are already launching their own standards and services for internet-based content. (paidContent)

DISH Network Goes Over the Top with NeuLion; the companies announced a multi-year partnership to distribute certain DISH Network international channels using NeuLion’s television broadband service to consumers without access to satellite TV. (Broadband TV News)

FX Near TV Deal for Avatar; News Corp. is near a deal to sell the commercial TV rights to Avatar to cable network FX, with a price tag that could be north of $25 million over several years. (LA Times)

Panasonic CTO: We Need 3DTV to Pull Out of Slump; Eisuke Tsuyuzaki said Panasonic and other industry manufacturers are banking on the revenue opportunity represented by 3DTV. (Multichannel News)

LG Adds Orange Content to French TVs; the companies have signed a three-year deal to offer a content and services portal for LG internet-enabled TVs to be sold in France. (paidContent:UK)

Intel CEO Says Soon We’ll All Be Making 3-D Videos; Paul Otellini said 3-D technology will filter into the mainstream, turning us all into 3-D videographers. (VentureBeat)

RealD Aligns with Sony, JVC, Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic and DIRECTV for 3-D TV; the company announced agreements with top consumer electronics makers to support the stereoscopic RealD Format for the delivery and display of high definition 3-D in the home. (press release)

Canal+ Preps 3-D Channel; French premium TV broadcaster is preparing the launch of a dedicated 3D channel later this year, with some trials already taking place. (Broadband TV News)