Asana raises $28M to ease workplace collaboration

Getting workers to better collaborate together is becoming a hot opportunity. Asana, started by former Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskowitz, just raised $28 million led by Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund. The company helps workers communicate around projects and helps them act quickly.

Binfire CEO explains his project management philosophy

David Robins’ company Binfire created project management software based on the philosophy that better collaboration and communication leads to increased productivity. But as his global team worked on the software, he learned how best to manage that collaboration and when to involve others in planning.

Transparency, privacy becoming necessary in collaboration tools

This month, online collaboration platform Teambox added private elements, offering users various levels of privacy. More than just a response to Google+ Circles, the feature supports modern organizational practices, allowing employees to share limited information with vendors and clients.

Wrike speeds up its social project management software

Wrike’s new release adds increased flexibility and speed to the project management software, which is designed to allow companies to crowdsource project management by taking advantage of the “work graph.”

10 tools to improve communication

If you’re working remotely, finding ways to improve and streamline communications with your clients and team might seem like a never-ending chore, but with the right mix of tools, it’s possible to keep projects moving forward. Here are ten tools that will help improve your communication.

RedCritter Tracker: Gamifying agile project management

RedCritter Tracker is a thoughtfully gamified project management tool for software development teams that’s set to launch later this month. Founder and CEO Mike Beatty walked me through the app’s key capabilities, including project management support, visibility into employee skill sets, customizable rewards, and badges.

Survey finds status meetings don’t help work get done

It will probably come as no surprise to WebWorkerDaily readers that a recent survey found that 70 percent of information workers don’t believe status meetings help them accomplish work tasks. Additionally, almost 40 percent of respondents feel that such meetings are a waste of time.

Choosing a knowledge management tool

Sharing institutional knowledge can be a huge pitfall for many organizations. If you need to make sure that different people in your organization have access to the knowledge that keep your organization rolling along, arranging for some sort of sharing mechanism can be difficult.

Innovation management, Brightidea style

Once you have the good ideas, what do you do with them? Innovation management tools can support the transition from good idea to great change or product. I spoke with Vincent Carbone, Brightidea co-founder and COO, about the company and his perspective on innovation management.

Solo: Beautiful Project Management for Freelancers

Solo is a project management app with a difference: It’s beautiful. Designed and built by U.K-based company Thrive with solo creative freelancers in mind (hence the name), Solo’s clean, attractive design means that it’s much nicer to look at than most clunky project management apps.