Scheduling Tool Tom’s Planner Now iPad and iPhone Compatible

Tom’s Planner, a simple drag-and-drop, Gantt-chart-based, online planning tool has received a couple of useful updates: the website is now compatible with the iPad and iPhone (no app required), and it can also now import Excel and MS Project files.

Microproject: Simple, Smart Project Management

Microproject is a simple, intuitive multi-user online project management app for small teams. It uses a slick drag-and-drop interface and presents all the information pertaining to the project on one fairly minimal screen: there’s no switching between windows or pop-ups.

Binfire: Team Collaboration and Project Management

The first step to successful remote working is communication. Binfire offers distributed teams a free solution for online collaboration that makes it simple to stay on track, with several useful features that I haven’t seen in other project management solutions so far, including:

Planning Tool Ganttic Gets Streamlined, Now Easier to Use

When I last looked at online planning tool Ganttic last year, I was pleased with its functionality, but less impressed with the app’s user interface, which made it tricky to get to grips with. Since then, however, Ganttic has been redesigned with a greatly streamlined interface

HyperOffice: One-Stop Collaboration

Most remote teams rely on several solutions to fulfill their collaboration needs: email, project management, database management and meetings, to name a few. HyperOffice offers distributed teams the benefit of all essential business tools in a single collaboration suite, as well as providing mobile capabilities.

Customer Feedback Drives Useful Improvements in Bento 4

The release of Bento 4 was, according to Product Manager Ryan Griggs, driven primarily by customer requests. Bento 4 is more usable and polished in a number of small ways that make it much more enjoyable to use, and a lot more productive in certain situations.

Clarizen: Add a Little Transparency to Your Projects

Are you willing to show everyone just how your projects are going? One of the features of Clarizen’s project management software is the Roadmap Widget, which is meant to be published on your website, offering some transparency into the project management process.

How to Manage Telecommuters: Tips from Project Managers

Managing a team of telecommuters is not always a simple matter. When you’re working with a team that you never see in person, you likely will have to change your management style. These tips, from project managers used to working with telecommuters, can help:

The Metrics of Enterprise Project Management

Metrics can tell us how close we are to our projected timeline, if we’re meeting our quality expectations and measure how well a project is proceeding. In fact, many tools and systems now have built-in analytics to help us more easily track and understand those metrics.