5 tips to convince collaborators to buy into your project

What’s the fastest way to get collaborators to invest themselves, or their time, in a new project? Whether they’re colleagues within your organization, outsourced or remote talent, customers and clients, or subject experts you’re connecting with, the answer is the same: ownership.

Taking Over Someone Else’s Project: How to Handle the Transition

I sometimes find myself taking over other people’s projects, like rewriting existing website content or finishing website designs. But taking on another person’s project can be challenging, especially if they are no longer around. So how can you make the transition as smooth as possible?

Mix Up the Workweek by Setting Your Own “20-Percent Time”

Google has what it calls “20-Percent Time”, where its employees spend one day each workweek on projects they’re passionate about, while 3M calls its version “15% culture,” which “encourages technical employees to spend 15 percent of their time on projects of their own choosing and initiative.”

Projects: A Powerful Project Management Tool for the iPhone

I’m not entirely sure project management is something you should do on your iPhone (s aapl), or any portable device for that matter, but if you’re stuck and you need something to help keep track of things while you’re on the go, you could do much worse than using Projects for the iPhone ($6.99, iTunes link).

Projects is one of the most full-featured, yet still affordable, PM solutions I’ve seen on Apple’s mobile platform. That said, if you’re looking for something that replaces Microsoft Project (s msft), you’re looking in the wrong place. Projects is more like an advanced task manager with some PM app characteristics and tools. It’s a supplement, rather than an all-in-one solution. Read More about Projects: A Powerful Project Management Tool for the iPhone

Zoho Launches Full Google Docs Integration

Arguably, Zoho is a competitor of Google’s (s goog), since both include web-based document creation and editing tools among their product offerings. That hasn’t stopped Zoho from offering integration with Google products in the past, and today it introduces full Google Docs compatibility, a move which shows it puts customer needs ahead of all other concerns, if you ask me.

Zoho CRM, Zoho Mail and Zoho Docs all get new abilities to interact with and use documents from Google Docs, which should be welcome news for anyone wanting to try out the Zoho alternative without either starting from scratch or going through an arduous migration process with their existing library of docs. Read More about Zoho Launches Full Google Docs Integration

Raising the Dead: Bringing Failed Projects Back to Life

1217399_sinistro_2Recently, I’ve noticed that more new clients are coming my way with a single request: to help them revive or resurrect a project, web site, or product that has failed in the past. I’m also capable of creating failed projects myself — sometimes I look at my track record and try to fix my worst projects hoping that I can make them better. Read More about Raising the Dead: Bringing Failed Projects Back to Life

Give Your Projects a Final Polish With a Standard Checklist

731545_check_it_2Soon after I clicked the “Publish” button on my blog dashboard, I realized I had made a mistake.
I’d read my post through three times before hitting that button, but somehow missed adding a crucial word — the word “don’t”. Inadvertently, I had told my readers that they “have to sacrifice too much to lessen their cost of living,” . Furthermore, two of the hyperlinks I had added were broken.
I am a sloppy self?editor, mostly because I am forgetful. I realized it was time to create a standard checklist to remind myself of all the steps I have to take before clicking “Publish”.
Since creating this checklist, I’ve made fewer mistakes and I haven’t had another “oops” moment. I created a similar list for my fiction, too. Anyone who does creative work should have a similar checklist to ensure that their projects are polished before submitting them. Read More about Give Your Projects a Final Polish With a Standard Checklist

Fix Your Track Record: What to Do About Embarrassing Projects From Your Past

899403_utilitiesTwo years ago I was starting to get conscious about my online presence, so I Googled (s goog) my name. One of the first things I saw were links to my earliest projects, which were how-to e-books about dating and seduction. I remember using a pseudonym at that time so I was surprised to get the byline.
While I believed in my output and knew that the customer was satisfied with my work, I didn’t want these projects to be the first thing that potential clients saw. After all, I hadn’t written about dating for several years. I wanted to focus my writing efforts on business, freelancing and travel.
If you’ve ever done low quality work, accepted a project only for the money, changed niches, or even worked on something ethically dubious, you might understand this situation. There are just some past projects that should be buried by your current ones.
How can you make sure that happens? Read More about Fix Your Track Record: What to Do About Embarrassing Projects From Your Past

How Long Do You Expect Your Macs to Last?


How long should a Mac last? Mac360’s Alexis Kayhill posed the question recently, and it got me thinking on the topic, especially since Alexis framed her column around the experience of a co-worker who had purchased a new unibody MacBook (on her recommendation) only to have Apple (s aapl) upgrade the 13″ unibody to Pro status with feature enhancement and a lower price a few months later.

I’m in the same boat, having also bought a unibody MacBook last February. Alexis says her friend “got burned,” though I think that’s a bit harsh. I don’t feel “burned” at all — more like a bit disappointed that I didn’t wait four more months, but you can drive yourself nuts second-guessing such things. I love the MacBook, and am already becoming convinced that it’s going to be one of my all-time favorite Macs. I just wish it had a FireWire port, which the new 13″ MacBook Pro does have.
My target for intervals between upgrading my main workhorse systems has been three years ever since I bought my first Mac back in 1992, and I’ve done pretty well at adhering to it. That would put replacement time for my MacBook in early 2012, which seems a long way off. Read More about How Long Do You Expect Your Macs to Last?