Is Verizon turning 3G into a prepaid-only service?

Verizon may be getting serious about prepaid if only as a means to find a future use for its rapidly emptying 3G networks. After years of ceding prepaid to its competitors, Verizon started actively courting contract-averse subscribers over the holidays.

Apple adds free book of the week to Starbucks giveaways

Apple loves giving Starbucks customers free stuff. This week it introduced an ebook Pick of the Week to go along with the free song and app of the week programs it already has in place. Book codes from Starbucks can be redeemed through Apple iBookstore.

Now you can get an app with your grande chai latte

Thanks to a new aspect of the ongoing partnership between Apple and Starbucks, you can now get paid apps free at the coffee chain via redeemable codes printed on cards. It’s a smart way to get paid apps to people who don’t normally buy them.

Creating and Implementing Your Marketing Plan (Part 2)

In last week’s post, we began brainstorming some possibilities for marketing your business. This week, we’re going to discuss a simple technique that can help you turn those possibilities into a marketing plan that’s easy to create, implements and maintain.

Creating and Implementing Your Marketing Plan (Part 1)

Marketing is an area where many business owners flounder. You may have ideas for how you might promote your business, but figuring out if your strategy and tactics are worthwhile and then organizing your ideas into a workable plan of action can be overwhelming.