Can topic-specific news sites work? The Marshall Project hopes so

The Marshall Project is a new site that is focused on reporting about the U.S. criminal-justice system and is being run by former NYT executive editor Bill Keller, and joins other topic-specific journalism efforts like Syria Deeply and Ebola Deeply

7 stories to read this weekend

What is it to be a model in China, Big data and big pharma equals big money, how Iceland got its mojo back, why does everyone love toast, the White ghetto and the joy of unfollowing — some of the stories on menu this weekend.

Why the chaos in media might be a good thing

Everywhere around us we see evidence of chaos in the media industry. So what can be done about this state of affairs? Media analyst Clay Shirky says that it might actually be a good thing, because it will spur experimentation. Let’s hope he is right.

ProPublica Takes Press+ Out For A Spin

ProPublica is going public today as the latest customer of Press+, the payment platform from Journalism Online.The investigative nonprofit i…