Nest tweaks its energy reports to include Nest Protect data

Nest users who look forward to their monthly emails are in for a change. Starting today they will get Home Reports instead of Energy Reports, and if they have a Nest Protect, they’ll see safety and usage data from the Protect smoke detector or smoke detectors in their home.

The new information will include details on the status of the Nest Protect in the home. That data will include battery levels, connectivity and sensor status, fire and safety tips that will join the energy savings tips that thermostat users will be familiar with, plus a recap of the entire month’s energy usage history. Currently Nest users can get that history on their apps going back 10 days, but now they can click-through on the email to see the full month’s worth of data.

That will actually be nice if you can export it, because then you might be able to use that data in more places outside the Nest universe. I can think of a several places I’d like to use my HVAC usage data, especially since I can download my utility usage from my power company each evening. So my next question: when will Nest start adding Dropcam data to these reports, and what might that look like?