Apple plays with fire in Chinese trademark stick-up

The problem with paying a ransom is that the hostage takers can come back for more — as Apple can now attest. The company paid $60 million to settle a spurious trademark suit in China only to be confronted with another claim as fishy as the first.

Apple, Proview in talks to resolve iPad trademark fight

Apple could be closer to resolving its legal troubles surrounding the iPad in China. On Friday, a report emerged that Apple and Proview Technology, the company that claims it owns the iPad trademark in China, have volunteered to meet outside of court to talk possible options.

Proview fights for iPad trademark all the way to bankruptcy

A Proview creditor is looking to collect the $8.68 million it’s owed. This twist comes while Proview is pressing its case in both the U.S. and China that when Apple acquired the iPad trademark in 2006 from Proview, it did not include the rights in China.

Apple fights for iPad trademark in China’s largest city

Apple continued its trademark battle over iPad in China Wednesday in Shanghai, China’s largest city and one of the most important places for Apple to sell devices. Proview wants to ban the iPad from stores while Apple argues selling them is in China’s best national interest.

Chinese company wants iPad imports, exports banned

Apple is in the middle of a legal dispute in China over who owns the “iPad” trademark. A company called Proview has asked its government to ban the import and export of iPads, which could be problematic for Apple since the tablet is built in China.

Apple’s iPad trademark troubles in China: The story so far

Apple’s iPad trademark is being challenged by Proview Technology, and the Shenzhen-based company is having some early success, with a court rejecting Apple’s claim that it already owns said trademark in China. Here’s a blow-by-blow of the story so far, and its likely conclusion.