Plex is coming to the PlayStation with apps for PS3 and PS4

Everyone’s favorite media center app Plex just took another major step towards total living room domination: Plex announced a new app for Sony’s PlayStation 3 and 4 Wednesday that largely offers the same looks and functionality as Plex’s recently-launched Xbox One app. However, the new app is first only launching in Europe and Asia, and coming to the U.S. and other countries next year. As the Plex blog put it: “Hasn’t your spouse been bugging you about moving to Italy since they watched A Good Year? Now might be the perfect time.”

Here comes Max: How Netflix wants to gamify your movie recommendations

Netflix has been quietly testing a new approach towards personalized movie and TV show recommendations: The company recently launched a game show host-like personal assistant dubbed Netflix Max on the PS3 that uses gamification to get users to rate more movies and find better content.

Cord Cutters: Plex adds DLNA support

Good news for Plex users: The next version of the company’s media center server software will have support for DLNA devices, which brings Plex to the PS3, connected TVs and a bunch of other devices. Check out this episode of Cord Cutters for an exclusive preview.

Netflix makes it official, launches in U.K. and Ireland

Now it’s official: Netflix launched in the U.K. and Ireland Monday morning, promising to bring unlimited streaming of popular movies and TV shows through PCs as well as connected and mobile devices to both countries. But for Brits, Netflix isn’t the only choice.

Netflix on Wii just got kids-friendly

Kids can now browse Netflix movies and TV shows without accidentally stumbling across NC-17-rated content, thanks to a new children-friendly interface launched today. The roll-out of Netflix for kids marks the beginning of a wider expansion of a children-friendly interface across connected devices.

Cord Cutters: Watch Hulu on your PS3 with ORB BR

Hulu charges its users $8 per month to watch videos on the PS3. Bay Area–based ORB Networks is starting to ship a Blu-ray disc this week that makes it possible to watch Hulu content on the PS3 for free. Check out our video review.

Where to watch E3 2011 live online

How will the Wii2 look like? Is Microsoft going to introduce a cable-like TV subscription service? And how will Sony make up for its long PSN outage? All these questions will be answered at this week’s E3, and you can watch it all live online.

PSN Outage Over, But No Refunds for PS3 Netflix Users

Sony has brought back its PlayStation Network after a month-long outage, which means that PS3 users will also be able to once again access Netflix and Hulu Plus on their game console. However, Netflix isn’t planing to give users any credit for the outage time.

PlayStation Network Outage Bad News for Netflix and Hulu

Want to watch videos from Netflix or Hulu Plus on your PS3? Well, you’re out of luck: Sony has taken the PlayStation Network offline after suffering a serious security breach last week, and both online video services are closely tied to the game console’s network.