Wireless and VoIP are eating up the wireline biz

It’s tough for the phone business and data released this week from the FCC indicate that it’s not just people abandoning their wireline phones that are helping kill the copper-based voice biz, but also VoIP providers.

Now you can use your home phone for Skype calls

Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) is a doohickey that allows you to use an old-fashioned phone handset to make Internet calls. Vonage was using low cost ATAs to lure customers, and now Skype has joined the party, making it easier to make calls from your home phone.

Twilio embraces VoIP as the phone network fades away

Twilio, which provides a service so companies and web services can add voice or SMS to their menu of options, now will offer developers the option to use all IP communications as well as the old-school phone and mobile networks.

When will the (traditional) telephone hang up?

A report shows that by 2018, the traditional phone system is going to be reaching less than 6 percent of U.S. residents. It’s perhaps time to rethink the very notion of what a phone is and what defines the classic phone network.