Enterprises to cloud: Ready or not, here we come

The number of die hards who resist the notion of running business apps in the cloud is dwindling. More than a third of end users polled recently feel that the cloud is safe for mission-critical applications, according to the 2012 Future of Cloud Computing Survey

NAB: Cloud computing is ready for its closeup

Few industries are better suited to the cloud computing model than film and TV production. Show business is heavily project-oriented with myriad production shops and contractors collaborating on relatively short-term, compute-intensive projects. That’s why the cloud-computing giants are converging at NAB this week.

IBM, Microsoft tout fat cloud progress, but proof is thin

To hear IBM and Microsoft tell it, their respective cloud strategies are coming along nicely, thank you very much. But given the hazy definitions of cloud computing and the lack of real numbers, it’s hard to tell if that really is the case.

Today in Cloud

According to InfoWorld, Gartner’s Darryl Plummer this week told his company’s clients that “enterprises should consider public cloud services first and turn to private clouds only if the public cloud fails to meet their needs.” The public/private debate continues to rage (if you know where to look), but the majority of IT managers in large enterprises are still inclined to do the exact opposite. They would typically consider private cloud first, and only realistically propose using public cloud resources for non-critical activities such as hosting development servers. If Plummer said what InfoWorld suggests, I wonder how his audience responded?