Are Europe’s startups and investors defeatist?

Neil Rimer of Index Ventures thinks one of the big problems for European startups — the lack of local exit opportunities — is all of its own making. But who has the guts to take up his challenge and go public in London?

What happens when social surveillance goes mainstream?

The UK government considers a law that would allow for surveillance of online activity, U.S. universities admit they track what their athletes are saying on Twitter, and employers are asking for Facebook passwords. At this point, advertisers tracking us online is the least of our problems.

7 Green Gifts for Black Friday (Cyber Monday)

Either you love or hate this time of year: Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving when shoppers rush to malls to score deals, or Cyber Monday, the online equivalent. Whatever route you take, here’s 7 gift-giving ideas that encourage green tech innovation and lifestyle.

Apple’s App Store Approval Process Now Includes an Automated Layer

App Store developers now have more to contend with than just the fickle tastes of the humans Apple (s aapl) has reviewing submissions. Now, submissions also go through an automated filter that determines whether or not the app is obeying the rules and not using any of Apple’s private APIs, which is a no-no, according to the developer agreement.

The news comes via a conversation that occurred between developers on Twitter. Craig Hockenberry, best known for Twitterific, guessed that the App Store now contains a mechanism to check submitted code against proper framework use, and John Gruber responded that Apple has in fact recently begun to do just that. Read More about Apple’s App Store Approval Process Now Includes an Automated Layer