Report: Snapchat might have bought a glasses company

According to Business Insider, Snapchat may have bought a glasses company called Vergence Labs for $15 million. Vergence Labs makes frames that can shoot and store video, akin to Google Glass. Business Insider pulled the deal information from the hacked Sony documents, emails sent by Sony Entertainment’s CEO (who serves on Snapchat’s board). There’s no word on why Snapchat might want access to that team or product, although they could be developing video technology.

Upon Further Review: How I Spent My Money in 2009

One of my end of the year rituals is looking back on what I dropped my hard-earned coin on over the year. This is a reckoning on software I thought would be a grand idea at the time and how I feel about the purchase at the end of the year.


13” MacBook Pro: It was time to retire my cira-2006 WhiteBook and I chose the low-end Pro model. I debated upgrading to the higher-end 13” or the 15”, but, since I had a 500GB drive I would be transferring, I decided on the low-end model. It’s a fantastic machine I don’t want to picture life without. No regrets.

Logitech Wave Keyboard: I’ve never been a big fan of Apple’s (s aapl) keyboards. The clear white model feels too squishy, and the aluminum one feels too firm. I got the Logitech Wave on an impulse buy at BJs Warehouse one day and I like it. My only complaint is it’s not bluetooth, and with the laptop I’ve stopped using it because I don’t want to lose the dongle or tie up a USB port. No regrets.

OS X Software

Snow Leopard: I upgraded day one and haven’t looked back. I love the new Automator, Stacks, and Expose. I can’t think of any major hiccups I’ve had. No regrets.

Parallels Desktop 4.0 Upgrade: I hadn’t planned on getting this — version 3 was doing fine for me. However, at some point the Version 4 trial got my system in a state where I couldn’t easily downgrade from it and preserve my virtuals and I ended up saying, “screw it” and upgraded to 4.0. I still use it heavily as there are Windows apps I need to use. It gets used enough I’ll likely be upgrading to Version 5 next year. No regrets. Read More about Upon Further Review: How I Spent My Money in 2009