Cisco Buys Pure for a Smarter Home Network

Today Cisco Systems said it plans to spend $120 million to buy Seattle-based Pure Networks, a company that makes software to manage home networks. Pure’s network management software and underlying protocols, which make a connected device visible to a network, are becoming more important now that devices beyond computers and their peripherals are networked in the home.

Cisco has already tried to address this trend by using Pure’s technology in its Linksys Easy Link Advisor program, which was introduced on Linksys routers in April and is aimed at making it easier to manage multiple PCs and equipment. Today’s acquisition was driven, in part, by vendor and consumer satisfaction with those routers. It’s also because Cisco is trying to drive its vision of an intelligent network as the hub of the connected digital home. Pure’s software and HNAP protocol, which works with any IP network, from Wi-Fi to Ethernet, will underlie that intelligent network. Read More about Cisco Buys Pure for a Smarter Home Network