Sybase 365 teams with Urban Airship to offer push messaging

Sybase 365, one of the largest providers of SMS and MMS messaging, is getting into the push notification business through a partnership with Urban Airship. Sybase 365 will be able to offer enterprise customers app-based push messaging that should help them continue to engage their consumers.

Appsfire offers developers an in-app notification inbox

Appsfire, an app discovery platform, is launching a free service called App Booster that allows developers to create a simple two-way inbox inside their apps to help establish a communication channel between developers and users. It’s designed to be an easy way to foster in-app engagement.

Verizon, Salesforce lead $15.1M investment in Urban Airship

Urban Airship, a push notification and mobile development service provider, is enjoying a huge lift from the growth in mobile and has now pulled in $15.1 million in a Series C Round led by and Verizon. It’s looking to become a one-stop mobile engagement platform.

Engagement Wars: To Pull Users Back, Apps Push Notifications

With recent mobile app store changes forcing developers to emphasize more engagement in their apps, it’s highlighting the importance of push notifications, which can be key tools in retaining users and keeping them involved in an app.

Updated Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone “Pushes” AIM Aside

Yahoo! Messenger IconYahoo (s yhoo) announced today an eagerly awaited update to Yahoo! Messenger for the iPhone that brings about support for push notifications, joining rival AIM. With the latest updates, Yahoo is continuing to push the bar (pun intended) and give AIM a run for its money (pun not intended).

If you are new to chatting, the three major players in the market are AIM (s twx), Yahoo and Microsoft (s msft) (what market are they not part of?). While AIM remains at the top of the mountain (offering great integration for MobileMe customers), rival Yahoo is making it harder for users to stay attached to AIM’s service. For those who aren’t completely satisfied with what AIM has to offer, Yahoo! Messenger is a great alternative or supplement and is a bit more robust, with support for adding users of Microsoft’s MSN Messenger service. Read More about Updated Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone “Pushes” AIM Aside

Prowl: Get Any Growl Notifications Via Push On Your iPhone


Remember when you had to click on an application to make it active, and hit refresh in order to find out if anything new had happened? It’s been a long while now, since most desktop programs can run in the background and notify you when something requires your attention. The iPhone approximates that same functionality via the newly introduced push notification features, though apps aren’t actually running in the background, so special support is required from app developers to enable it.

As far as I’m concerned, push has already been a game-changer. My iPhone is now my dedicated IM client, lets me monitor any and all Blue Jays games no matter where I am, and keeps me on-task with my to-do list. But that’s not all. Thanks to a new app called Prowl ($2.99, iTunes link), my iPhone can keep me abreast of pretty much anything, via my Mac and a useful app many will already be familiar with, Growl. Read More about Prowl: Get Any Growl Notifications Via Push On Your iPhone

Remember The Milk Becomes First To-Do App With Push Notifications


Slowly but surely, push notification apps are trickling into the App Store, as you can see from this handy little list by Some of them are less than impressive, since they offer strange niche functions that I could never picture myself actually using. Beejive IM came out last week, though, which has become by far my most-used app since, and now Remember The Milk (Free with RTM Pro account, iTunes link) is available, as of today, with push features.

A to-do app with push might just be the thing I need to get me to buckle down and actually use a to-do app with some kind of consistency. Sure, RTM for the iPhone requires that you have a Pro account with their service, which is a $25-a-year subscription, but I actually already have one from when the app was first released. Yes, I signed up many months ago and haven’t exactly taken great advantage of that subscription since, but version 1.1.0 gives me reason to believe I may actually begin to get my money’s worth. Read More about Remember The Milk Becomes First To-Do App With Push Notifications

Apple Testing Push Notifications Once More With AIM

AIM beta iphone

The big day is only a week away, and it looks like no one is more keenly aware of that fact than Apple (s aapl). Those enrolled in the iPhone Development Program received an email late today telling them to go download a developer preview version of AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) in order to further test Apple’s push notification servers. Included in the email was a special code redeemable via iTunes.

Unlike the AP News app, no specific expiration date is specified for the AIM preview, though the email does state that the app can only be installed on iPhones using the 3.0 GM Seed. Most likely, next week when everyone upgrades to the full, final version of 3.0, this version of AIM will no longer be operational. Read More about Apple Testing Push Notifications Once More With AIM