Post AT&T tryst, T-Mobile’s decline continues

After showing signs of shaking the AT&T merger specter, T-Mobile is shedding customers again, posting a 205,000 subscriber loss in the second quarter. T-Mobile has shrunk by about 400,000 subscribers in the last year while all of its competitors have grown.

As Nextel mass exodus begins, Sprint reels customers back in

Sprint saw 1 million Nextel and Boost customers kick their phones to the curb in Q2. But Sprint managed to steer 600,000 of those departing subscribers to CDMA contracts or its prepaid brands. Helped by steady iPhone sales and its MVNO business, Sprint managed to grow.

AT&T smartphone rampage continues with help from Apple

Though AT&T’s smartphone penetration is well over 60 percent, it keeps activating new smart devices at a rapid clip. AT&T remained the carrier of choice for iPhone customers. It added 3.7 million iPhones in the second quarter, 22 percent of which came from competitors.

Verizon adds 1.2M mobile subs while FiOS growth continues

Verizon Communications is the first U.S. operator out of the gate in the second quarter earnings heat, reporting 1.2 million new net subscriber adds in its wireless division and 134,000 new FiOS residential broadband customers in its wireline group.

Apple’s Q2 Conference Call: Yes, We Made Lots of Money

applemoney1Yesterday, Apple (s aapl) held its quarterly conference call to discuss Q2 financial performance. Expectations were mixed heading into the call, with many saying that this would reveal the true effect of the recession on Apple’s business, and that we would finally see that the Cupertino company is not immune to the same challenges facing other consumer electronics and computer companies. Well, maybe the other shoe has yet to drop, but Apple’s performance yesterday exceeded analyst expectations
Analysts were expecting a slight drop in earnings for the second quarter, based on the performance of other, similarly positioned companies, and the economic climate in general. Instead, Apple had a record quarter yet again, with a net income of $1.2 billion, or $1.33 per share. Total revenue came in at an astounding $8.33 billion, compared to $7.51 billion during the same quarter last year. Last year’s income was only $1.05 billion, or $1.16 per share. The strong numbers gave Apple stocks a big boost in aftermarket trading. Read More about Apple’s Q2 Conference Call: Yes, We Made Lots of Money