Meet the Q&A site where people pay $150 for answers

Forget Quora: Swedish startup Mancx is trying to put a twist on question and answer sites by getting people to pay real money for the information they receive — and it’s just raised another $1.65m to expand.

Mobile Q&A app Thumb gets more social and expressive

Mobile Q&A app Thumb is generating crazy engagement with users spending almost four hours a month on the app. Now, the app is evolving to allow its users to become more expressive and social, making Thumb more of a full-fledged social netwok for opinions.

Formspring launches ‘Interests’ in move toward revenue

Formspring, the social Q&A site, has built up a big following in the two years since it launched. The company is making its first real move toward generating revenue from its users with the launch of Formspring Interests along with a host of media partners.

Facebook acquires Q&A startup

Facebook has acquired, a startup that makes a Facebook app for asking and answering questions with your friends. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed. was founded in 2010 and has reportedly raised $5 million in venture capital to date.

Got needs? Delicious founder launches Jig to meet them

On Friday, Delicious founder Joshua Schachter’s Tasty Labs announced its first product to the public: Essentially, Jig allows people to post questions about anything they need — there are no categories yet, just one big stream — and allow anyone out there to answer them. gets smarter with help from Lonely Planet, others

Exclusive: is amping up its star power. The Q&A search engine — which provides a mix of user-generated and algorithmically sourced content — has added several heavyweight partnerships with Lonely Planet, Weather Underground, and others to make sure it answers users’ questions in the best way possible.

For Formspring, curiosity makes for a killer app has hit a major milestone in its relatively short lifespan. The 18-month-old San Francisco-based startup, which allows users to create profile pages on which anonymous people can ask them questions, now has 25 million registered users.

Urtak Unlocks User Engagement and Insights With Collaborative Polls

Polls generally flow in one direction with an organization looking to find information from a pool of people or a community. But Urtak, a small, New York startup is finding that democratizing polls unlocks a lot of interesting interaction, engagement and new information.

Loopt Looks for Engagement in Location Q&A

Location-based app Loopt is looking beyond the check-in and trying to engage users by providing them information about what they should do they they arrive. Loopt is introducing Loopt Qs, a lightweight real-time question and answer feature that allows users to get answers to popular questions.