Check out the future of Wi-Fi (gigabit speeds)

Faster in-home Wi-Fi is only a year or two away, says Craig Barratt, president of Qualcomm Atheros, who said next generation Wi-Fi could deliver gigabit speeds making it better and faster. This is good because the technology is the work-horse of home networking.

Can Qualcomm Compete As Smartphones Become Computers?

Our mobile devices are getting smarter, faster and mimicking the functionality of a full-fledged PC. As the top wireless chipmaker, Qualcomm has long been the “Intel inside” for mobile phones. But can it compete against a host of new processors with better graphics and more performance?

Mobile World Congress: Don’t Call It a Phone Show

Over the last few years Mobile World Congress, the mobile phone industry trade show, has experienced a shift from being about mobile phones to being about always-on connectivity. Mobile broadband has changed the value of the mobile ecosystem and thus the players who care about it.

Squeezed Cell Networks Lead to Dealmaking

Today Pulsus and SpiderCloud, two startups making hardware for the mobile industry, scored investments. As users, application developers and carriers bump up against the technical constraints around mobile broadband’s popularity, expect more and more hardware investments and dealmaking in the mobile semiconductor and equipment worlds.

Does Location Need a Special Purpose Device?

A patent filed by Qualcomm suggests that location could be tied to a module that you could use with whatever device you want. That means location on your phone, iPod or netbook whenever you bother to insert the module. But apps makers are skeptical.

Qualcomm Leapfrogs Intel With 28-Nano Chips

As part of Qualcomm’s effort to gain an edge over Intel, the wireless chip giant plans to skip the current cutting-edge technology and go straight to making 28-nanometer chips. If done well, Qualcomm’s chips will perform better and cost less, giving it an advantage.

Marvell to Make Future Phones Run Faster

Marvell Technology said today that it’s figured out a way to deliver the first-ever quad-core ARM-based application processor for cell phones and other mobile devices. More cores equals more performance — Marvell says its quad-core ARM chips will deliver “gigahertz-plus” performance.

Viva La Wi-Fi!

Wi-Fi was hot last year and it’s only getting hotter in 2010 as the availability of personal hotspots such as the Mi-Fi and the rise of the Direct Wi-Fi standard mean that putting a Wi-Fi chip in anything makes the device more useful.

Can the Cloud Help Drive Mobile TV Adoption?

The mobile TV market has been a disappointment for years, but emerging efforts from cable companies and content providers to make entertainment available everywhere via the web may finally drive adoption. Will next year finally be the year for mobile television?

Vid-Biz: Disney, Boyle, Rogers

Disney Creating New Content Licensing Technology; Keychest redefines ownership as access rights, not owning a physical object. (The Wall Street Journal)

Susan Boyle’s CD Biggest Pre-Order in Amazon’s History; the viral video sensation‘s I Dreamed a Dream goes on sale Nov. 23. (The Wall Street Journal)

Rogers Launching its TV Everywhere Next Month; Canada’s largest cable operator has 15 network partners for online on-demand service. (Multichannel News)

AT&T Up to 1.8 Million U-Verse Subscribers; count increased by 240,000 in the third quarter. (emailed release)

Jason Kilar Lauded; Hulu’s CEO was placed at No. 8 on Fortune’s “40 under 40” list. (Fortune)

ReelDirector Brings Full-Featured Video Editing to the iPhone; while it’s no iMovie replacement, the software works quite well. (The Apple Blog)

Animoto Partners with SmugMug; users can move their videos between the two services seamlessly. (emailed release)