Femtocells or Wi-Fi? That is the Question

Femtocell frenzy is how one paper described the Mobile World Congress Show in Barcelona last week, but at the Portable Computer and Communications Association meeting held Tuesday and Wednesday in Plano, Texas, the solution to the fixed part of fixed-to-mobile convergence seemed to be Wi-Fi.

As Tammy Wheat, director of Ericsson’s enterprise solutions division, noted, Wi-Fi is the solution of choice among enterprise vendors because it gives them the illusion of control and because it’s “free.” Of course, configuring a wireless network that’s robust enough to deliver quality voice over cell phones is expensive, but it is something the corporate IT guys can take care of. By contrast, femtocells are essentially equipment provided by the carrier that rides on the incoming broadband network.
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Dell reminder: the Latitude XT Tablet PC is available

DelllatitudexttabletfeaturesDell is sending out subtle reminders in case you forgot to go an order yourself a Latitude XT Tablet PC. jkOTR reader citivolus received an e-mail and reminded us about the reminder. This is what happens when you get old… you get reminded of reminders… and hey, where did I put my glasses? Oh wait, they’re on my head.

So what do they say in the e-mail here (shown to the right). One of the lightest and thinnest tablets at 12.1-inches. Dual-input with pen and touch… no mention of multi-touch which, along with the capacitive touch method, is poised to be the biggest differentiator of this tablet with its peers. However, it’s safe to not mention it here since that functionality won’t be seen for a few months. Maybe Rob will have some more info on that though a recent interview with N-Trig? Anyway, no news on any price drops; the base is still starting at $2,499 on the product page. Anybody in the market for the XT at this point? Most of the prior commentary pointed towards "no" due to the combination of price and specs…

NoahPad UMPC input methods on video


I promised myself I was going to hit the sack early, but as James is learning this week, I can’t stop reading feeds. Good for you that I have such a bad mobile habit because I picked up on this video that demonstrates the input methods on the new NoahPad UMPC. I was trying to explain how it worked, but being dead tired, I didn’t do a good job. Well… that and it’s just doggone hard to explain. Maybe this will help you better understand this interesting approach of using two giant buttons that also have touch sensitivity. Make sure you watch the video to the end… you’ll find a new use for those extra hangers in your closet.

Vid-Biz: Babelgum, PeerApp, Kaleidascape

Babelgum Partners with Cachelogic; Internet TV network to use Cachelogic’s Velocix network to power content streaming. (release)

PeerApp to Support HTTP Video Streaming; new software supports the HTTP video-streaming protocol and caches traffic without requiring ISPs to install proxy servers or change definitions or configurations. (emailed release)

Kaleidescape Catching on With Hollywood Creatives; high-end system digitizes movie collections to a server for access in any room. (Variety)

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Boston Sox up, VCs down

David Churbuck Reports that Venture Capital investments in Boston area are swooning, just as Sox is rising. (By the way, curse out of the way, next year, its all about baseball…. just baseball!)

My sense is that IT investment opportunities – the traditional bedrock of the region – have all but dried up. If the early 90s were driven by networking startups founded by displaced minicomputer engineering talent tossed on the street by the extinction of the dinosaurs at DEC, Wang, Data General, et al – Stratacom, Chipcom, etc. – the early part of this decade hasn’t seen the talent spinoffs expected from the region’s early strengths in search services. I sense that with a lot of overhang from uninvested funds, the region’s VCs are following two strategies: one, if you don’t know what to do, don’t do anything; and second, if you can’t spend what you have, don’t raise more.

Two Days To A Manic

Two Days To A Manic Monday

The upside of weekends is that one gets to indulge in spring cleaning. Upset at th Yankees loss last night, I cleaned the apartment furiously. The place is shining given that Yanks have made losing a habit. I also stayed up and cleaned digital house, and the result you can see — a mega dose of links, which are all great by the way. Swaped emails with Andrew Carton who couldn’t sleep either. Already spoke to my mom and my brother…. and its only noon. I am on my way to meet Mr. WordPress aka Matt for some spicy hot Indian food. Perhaps that will bring the zzzzzzs!

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