Poll: Which mobile video chat service do you use?

Many mainstream consumers were introduced to mobile video chat via Apple’s FaceTime service, but video calling from phones has been around for a while and works on regular cellular networks. Now that we have a number of mobile video chat services, which are you using?

Qik rides mobile video sharing to 10 million users

Mobile video provider Qik hasn’t lost a step since getting bought by Skype and said its user base has doubled to 10 million users since the purchase was announced in January. The company is also releasing Qik Premium for Android users.

Skype cuts senior executives. Why?

Last week, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) gave the green light to Microsoft’s $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype, the Internet telephony company. Now there are reports that many key senior executives have left or have been asked to leave the company.

Qik Opens Its Video Chat to (Almost) All Android Users

Qik has launched a new mobile app that will allow nearly all Android mobile users to video chat with their iPhone- and iPad-toting friends. That could opens its potential user base beyond just the few manufacturers and carriers it had struck deals with.

Today in Mobile

Business Insider has just confirmed an earlier report that Skype has acquired Qik for as much as $150 million. The move would punctuate an enormous growth spurt for Qik, which enables users to stream video from their smartphone and which exploded from 600,000 users to more than five million in just the past year. The move underscores Skype’s eagerness to deliver video chat, which already accounts for 40 percent of all Skype minutes, and Qik’s astounding momentum proves the demand for such offerings on mobile devices. We’re a long, long way from seeing mass-market adoption of mobile video chat, but this acquisition is a good fit that should pay dividends far down the road.

Video Chatting on the HTC EVO 4G

The HTC EVO 4G has two video chat options to take advantage of the second camera on the front of the phone. Laptop Magazine and I were wondering how well each client works, and we set out to do a comparison of Fring and Qik.

Qik Adds Features With $2 ‘Pro’ iPhone App

Mobile live-streaming video firm Qik has released a new mobile application that is chock full of goodies and will allow its users to add digital effects to their videos on the fly. The new Qik Video Pro application, which is available now in the Apple (s AAPL) iPhone app store for $1.99, combines all the usual functionality of live-streaming mobile apps with a whole host of new features to add pictures to videos, change lighting and even use digital zoom all while recording.
The Pro application not only adds to the real-time visual effects that Qik made possible in its Video Camera application back in January, but ensures they don’t interfere with the quality of the video recording. It also does a better job of keeping audio and video in sync, an issue in other live-streaming apps.
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