Survey says: RIM’s core users are abandoning ship

Research In Motion’s BlackBerry platform has long ruled the mobile enterprise, but the end of its reign appears to be near. A recent survey of enterprises that have 10,000 or more BlackBerry users show that 30 percent are planning to leave RIM’s platform. Here’s why.

Gartner: Still no true iPad challengers through 2015

Tablet sales will continue to rise from 17.6 million sales last year to 326.3 million by 2015, says Gartner, but the iPad will still dominate the market. There’s good reason to believe Gartner’s iPad estimates, but some of the other platform numbers don’t quite make sense.

RIM’s poor play: QNX on PlayBook before smartphones

Amid lackluster BlackBerry PlayBook sales, 1,000 production line workers have been let go at Quanta in Taiwan where the tablets are made. Instead of jumping in the tablet game with an incomplete product, RIM may have been better off to get QNX on its smartphones first.

RIM’s reinvention: Early 2012 with BlackBerry Colt, QNX

After bringing QNX to it’s PlayBook tablet, Research In Motion is reportedly planning a QNX-powered BlackBerry handset, the Colt, for the first quarter of 2012. The hardware is rumored to be relatively low-end, but that could easily change. More important is the company’s transition to QNX.

New OS 7 phones won’t help BlackBerry’s turnaround

Research In Motion announced five new BlackBerry 7 handsets, which will start to arrive in stores by the end of this month. BlackBerry faithful will be happy, but the handsets still represent a transition for the company, which will use QNX software to power newer phones.

Lots of promise, lots of competition for enterprise tablets

The market for enterprise tablets shows enormous promise as end users take their own devices to work and IT departments begin to deploy the new gadgets. But a small army of manufacturers is vying for a slice of the market, and competition will be fierce.

Seesmic dumps BlackBerry: Start of a stampede?

Seesmic, a popular third-party Twitter client for desktop and mobile devices, today announced it would end support for BlackBerry handsets at the end of June. One developer doesn’t make a trend, but this could be the start of one, given RIM’s struggles as it slowly transitions.