RIM’s Woes Worsen: Reported Delays and Slowing Sales

If I said one of the leading smartphone companies faces a decline in market share as it works to transition to a new mobile operating system, would you say I was talking about Nokia? That would be right, but Research In Motion is just as correct.

Why Apple — Not RIM — Is Poised to Own the Mobile Enterprise

Despite a series of promising announcements at this week’s BlackBerry World, Research In Motion’s share of the smartphone market continues to erode, and no QNX handsets are yet on the horizon. Apple, meanwhile, could be poised to take RIM’s crown as king of the mobile enterprise.

Why Microsoft and Research In Motion Are New BFFs

The mobile landscape is entering a new, consolidation phase as late-comers are banding together to fight against Apple and Google. The latest loose alliance is between Microsoft and RIM as Bing will be integrated as the default search and map engine for future BlackBerry products.

7 Things I Like About the BlackBerry PlayBook

It’s easy to hate on RIM’s new BlackBerry PlayBook, but are some people overlooking the positives that RIM’s new tablet offers? Here’s a list of my favorite selling points, which actually provide a solid foundation for the PlayBook to mature and be successful in the future.

PlayBook Reviews Vary, but Share an “Unfinished” Vibe

Opinions on the new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet vary in small ways, but many reviewers agree that the device is lacking some features and functions, making it appear unfinished. But a few reviews are forward thinking; the tablet wars won’t be won or lost on today’s products.

Will Pricing, Flash Sell RIM’s PlayBook?

Research In Motion’s PlayBook Wi-Fi tablet is available for pre-order at the same pricing as Apple’s iPad 2. The device arrives on April 19 at more than two dozen online and brick-and-mortar retailers. That answers some questions, but others about the device still remain.

New Wi-Fi Tablets: Too Little, Too Late?

Over the next month, at least three new Wi-Fi tablets are expected to launch from Samsung, Motorola and Research In Motion. Without mobile broadband, each should compete well on price to Apple’s iPad 2, which starts at $499. But odds are still stacked against their success.

Video: PlayBook Multitasking (and Why Flash Works Well on It)

In a short private session with Research In Motion, I finally got a hands-on look at the BlackBerry PlayBook. It’s better than I expected: elegant, intuitive and speedy when running multiple apps. I finally found out why Flash runs well on the PlayBook. Hint: think cars.

RIM Faces Challenges in Moving to New OS

Research In Motion’s pick-up of The Astonishing Tribe should bring polish to the aging BlackBerry OS and improve the upcoming QNX platform. But RIM’s challenge will be losing as little ground — not to mention, money — as possible as it moves from one OS to the other.