NFC: While payments struggle, other segments will thrive

NFC has seen enormous hype as a vehicle for mobile payments, but the technology has yet to see any real uptake in major global markets. NFC-enabled handsets are beginning to come to market in a big way, though, laying the foundation for other uses.

Why this holiday season is crucial for QR Codes

Retailers are embracing QR Codes as a key component of mobile “showrooming,” which enables customers in the store to access information and even buy goods on their phones. But are users finally ready to adopt QR Codes in big numbers?

This man wants to kill QR codes. Can he do it?

Advertisers and publishers have swarmed over QR codes as they try to add interactivity to analog media. Now the Swiss team behind retooled mobile app Shortcut hopes they can help make the black-and-white glyphs a thing of the past.

MasterCard starts piloting QkR mobile payment app

MasterCard is rolling out the first trial of its QkR mobile application, which allows people to interact and initiate payments via QR codes, NFC tags and other technologies. It is allowing Australian movie goers to order and pay for food from their seat.

QR Codes Hope to Be This Summer’s Breakaway Hit

Startups in the long-simmering QR code market are hoping that the change in season, along with what they say is a “critical mass” of smart phones, will finally bring QR codes, barcodes that lead to URLs or information when scanned, into the mainstream.

QR Codes 101: Make Links to Your Website from Anywhere

If you’re still wondering what those funny black-and-white squares are, here’s an introduction. QR codes are an increasingly-popular way of converting data like website addresses into a form that can be scanned. Thus, users can go to a website without having to type in the address.

15 Very Useful Mobile Apps for Conferences

Conferences can be overwhelming. Here are 15 apps that are incredibly useful to have at events, covering everything from helping you to meet interesting people and apps built for specific conferences, to location-based social networks and QR code readers to grab people’s contact details.