Nokia Revises Symbian Strategy as Smartphone Sales Improve

Nokia shipped 26.5 million smartphones in the most recent quarter, a 61 percent increase from a year ago. But the company’s strategy is shifting yet again, as Qt will be the only development framework going forward and Symbian upgrades will arrive on a rolling basis.

What’s It Like to Develop Apps for Nokia Phones?

Nokia’s Ovi store has taken a perceived backseat to the iTunes App Store and Android Market. I spoke with several developers at Nokia World for their perspective on Nokia’s Ovi Store enhancements, Symbian^3, and the Qt development tools. Would you believe they were all happy programmers?

Nokia Empowering Devs, Not Chasing App Store Numbers

Nokia today took continuing steps to try to attract developers by refining its Ovi store, announcing in-app purchases, and improving its software tools. Although I haven’t spoken to any developers yet on the new changes, I did capture a video walkthrough of the Ovi store enhancements.

Nokia’s Smartphone Reinvention Begins With N8 Phone

Nokia today unveiled the N8, its first handset that uses both the Symbian 3 operating system and the Qt cross-platform application framework. With the new operating system, Nokia hopes to reverse market share losses and prove that it can still reign atop the smartphone world.