Chipmakers beware: Qualcomm unleashes the quad-core Snapdragon

Qualcomm may be late to the market with quad-core smartphone superchip, but now that it’s made its way into its the LG Optimus G, Qualcomm can probably make up for lost ground quickly. Qualcomm has technical and logistical advantages its competitors will have trouble matching.

Samsung building buzz ahead of Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress is still three weeks and an ocean away, but Samsung is already threatening to steal the show. Analytics blog Anlytk has compiled Twitter data on the most referenced terms surrounding MWC and found that Samsung is already generating an enormous amount of buzz.

Samsung Galaxy S III detailed with May launch date

Samsung’s next flagship phone, the Galaxy S III, is expected to be super-thin and run on a quad-core processor, with availability in May. The details aren’t official, but make sense given that code support for Samsung’s Exynos 4212 quad-core chip was found in October.

Apple code reveals quad-core iPhones, iPads could come soon

Apple might have quad-core iPhone and iPad devices coming in 2012, according to some code discovered deep in Apple’s iOS 5.1 pre-release software on Friday. This discovery adds fuel to the fire surrounding rumors the iPad 3 will boast a quad-core A6 processor.