LG Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earphones hit the US on May 18

We saw LG’s Lifeband Touch at January’s Consumer Electronics Show and it’s finally going on sale. Expect to see it on retail shelves later this month in the U.S., along with a pair of earphones that can measure heart rate and blood oxygen levels.

Wilson is promising a smart basketball that knows when you make a shot

Sporting goods company Wilson is working with a Finnish startup called SportIQ to create a basketball that uses sensors and artificial intelligence to determine how far the ball traveled and whether the shot was made. It’s not the first application of sensors and algorithms into sports gear — we already have them in football helmets, soccer balls and basketball nets, for example — but the Wilson basketball is pretty unique in that it seems to target individual consumers, meaning anyone with the ball, a hoop and a web connection can start quantifying their game.

Ovuline says its algorithms have led to 50,000 pregnancies

Machine learning algorithms can do a lot of things if they have enough data — recommend products, identify fraud and even help women get pregnant. Fertility startup Ovuline says its 60 million data points from users have helped 50,000 of them get pregnant.