iPad reportedly getting Microsoft Office in 2012: Do we need it?

Microsoft, lumbering giant that it is, is reportedly arriving late to the iPad party with a version of its Office document editing suite in 2012. At this point, I’m wondering whether iOS users would covet an official Office solution, or whether the possibility leaves you indifferent.

HP TouchPad gains document editing in Quickoffice HD

The HP TouchPad hardware may not have a future, but at least updated software for the tablet does: QuickOffice HD is today updated to include document editing. That’s good news for the several hundred thousand new TouchPad owners looking to be more productive with their tablet.

Quickoffice Adds DropBox, Google Docs support

I’ve written about my love affair with Quickoffice before, but there’s always been one issues I’ve had with it: the only cloud storage service it supported was MobileMe’s iDisk. I’ve come close to plunking down the money for MobileMe a few times, but because Dropbox works for me, I’ve been hesitant.

Quickoffice just announced its new iPhone app Quickoffice Connect which now lets you access and edit files on Box.net, Dropbox, Google Docs and Apple MobileMe. It’s available for an introductory price of $9.99, but it showed as a free upgrade for my existing Quickoffice application. Read More about Quickoffice Adds DropBox, Google Docs support

iPhone Doc Editing: Documents to Go vs. QuickOffice Pro


A little while ago, QuickOffice ($19.99, iTunes link) brought Word document editing to the iPhone. This week, however, QuickOffice officially loses its corner on that market with the introduction of Documents to Go ($4.99, iTunes link) by Dataviz, a seasoned contender.

The iPhone (s aapl) may not be my device of choice when it comes to doing significant edits to text documents, but in times of duress, it might be the quickest, most convenient, or even the only option available, so I like to have the capability. Let’s see which of these two apps will earn a place of honor on my springboard. Read More about iPhone Doc Editing: Documents to Go vs. QuickOffice Pro