Reddit CEO resigns and is replaced temporarily by Ellen Pao

Reddit’s CEO for the past three years, Yishan Wong, is out according to a new post by Y-Combinator head Sam Altman. Altman claims the resignation is the result of a dispute between Wong and the board about new office property and the budget for it.

How-To: Quit All Open Applications in OS X

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you need to quit all your open applications. But going through each application and quitting them is a pain. Good thing Apple included a nifty little scripting language in OS X called AppleScript that will allow us to quit applications in one fell swoop.

Consumer Watchdog Urges Levinson to Choose: Apple or Google?


As we reported here yesterday, Apple (s aapl) announced Eric Schmidt resigned from its Board of Directors. The announcement really came as no surprise; Schmidt is the CEO of Google (s goog), a software giant that, for the last few years, has been inching inexorably into Apple’s desktop and mobile territories.

So it should also come as no surprise that Consumer Watchdog is now calling for another of Apple’s board of directors, this time Arthur D. Levinson to follow Schmidt’s example.
Consumer Watchdog is a nonprofit, nonpartisan consumer advocacy organization. Group member John M. Simpson writes:

“It took Eric Schmidt far to [sic] long too [sic] realize that the two roles are incompatible; that’s not surprising considering the clubby atmosphere of Silicon Valley. Nonetheless, we’re glad Schmidt finally did the right thing; we call on Levinson to act responsibly and choose one company or the other.”

Levinson’s a busy guy. Besides sitting on Apple’s Board of Directors, he also has a seat on Google’s board. In April, he was appointed chairman of the board at Genentech. He’s also a member of the Jedi High Council. (No, that one’s a lie, but it wouldn’t surprise me…) Read More about Consumer Watchdog Urges Levinson to Choose: Apple or Google?