Thanks to Quora, now you can’t read anonymously

Quora launched a new feature that essentially takes away the option of reading anonymously (unless you opt-out) on its platform. This is part of the growing trend of passive sharing involving what one is reading on the web. And it’s not necessarily a good thing.

Meet the Q&A site where people pay $150 for answers

Forget Quora: Swedish startup Mancx is trying to put a twist on question and answer sites by getting people to pay real money for the information they receive — and it’s just raised another $1.65m to expand.

VCs simply love the Facebook Mafia

Following the jaw-dropping $50 million funding of Quora, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based knowledge community, folks from New York-based research firm, CB Insights crunched some data and came up with these following stats about the Facebook mafia – aka people who left Facebook to start their own companies.

Can Quora build a for-profit version of Wikipedia?

The $50-million funding round that Quora recently closed has raised some eyebrows. Is this just another example of a bubble-style atmosphere in Silicon Valley’s venture capital community, or is the crowdsourced question-and-answer site really onto something that could be a multibillion-dollar idea?

Quora gets $50 million. Q: Why? A: Because it can…

Quora, a Q&A service has raised a whopping $50 million in funding from co-founder Adam D’Angelo along with Facebook funder Peter Thiel, Northbridge Ventures and Matrix Ventures. One of the most over-hyped startups, the question is why is it valued so highly despite mediocre progress.

Let’s make a deal: ExploreB2B social network goes global

Ever find LinkedIn too noisy to be useful? Siblings Jonathan and Susanna Gebauer say their ExploreB2B — launching in English for the first time — offers a service tailored to establishing category experts, solving problems and making new business leads.

How Quora grew way beyond the tech set

Quora, the crowdsourced question-and-answer website, has come a long way in the 15 months since it launched to the public. Quora says it has fostered that growth mostly just by getting out of the way, letting people be themselves — their whole selves.

Namesake takes entrepreneurial networking mobile with iOS app

Social networking startup Namesake launched an iOS app Tuesday. The app brings Namesake, which we billed as “Facebook for the self-employed” last year, to Apple devices in wrapper better suited for mobile access. The app is good enough to merit a look, even for non-Namesake users.

Say hello to the alive web!

We now have seamless connectivity via mobile devices; people can always be connected. This connectivity offers an opportunity to create a different kind of Internet experience that’s more immersive and interactive. That persistent connection is what allows us to create and experience the Alive Web.