What Amazon and Its Customers Must Learn From Last Week’s Outage

Opinion on Amazon Web Services recent outage remains somewhat divided: One side blames Amazon for its technical failings; the other holds the cloud giant’s customers responsible for their bad judgment. But the answer to where the primary responsibility lies is a little less black and white.

If Amazon’s Cloud Fails, Just Keep Smiling

Updated: Today, Amazon’s Web Services have hit some bumps in the road, taking down a variety of popular sites such as Foursquare, Quora and Paper.li. Since clouds do fail perhaps the best thing to do is provide information and maybe a dollop of humor.

How to Build Your Reputation on Social Q&A Sites

Can social Q&A sites really help you build your professional reputation? I’ve taken a look at three sites that offer similar functionality, yet are vastly different under the surface. Here is a breakdown of how to use Quora, Focus and Namesake to enhance your reputation.

Facebook Revamps Questions so People Might Just Use It

Facebook has redesigned its Questions feature, in what seems to be an admission that the original version wasn’t getting much traction. The new version, which focuses on asking questions of your friends, also seems designed to set it apart from services like Quora and Twitter.

Opinionaided’s Mobile Q&A App Snags $1M in Funding

The Q&A space is red-hot right now, but it’s not just Quora or Stack Overflow. Startup Opinionaided is announcing it has raised $1 million to expand its mobile, real-time, feedback service, which is getting noticed for its high engagement levels.

Stack Overflow Rides Experts & Order to Q&A Success

New York start-up Stack Overflow has been growing rapidly by focusing on specific content niches and pushing experts answers. The site is now poised to expand its career site as it looks to help its experts leverage their knowledge for better jobs.

What Makes a Hit (Consumer) Internet Service

Over the past few days, there has been a heated debate about Quora, a year-old startup. Looking back at other startups that have successfully made the transition to Internet-scale companies, there are three elements to the magic formula for success.

Why Robert Scoble is Both Good and Bad for Quora

After initially celebrating Quora, social-media maven Robert Scoble has changed his mind. It might seem as though this is of interest only to Silicon Valley insiders, but it has focused another spotlight on some important hurdles that Quora has to face as it tries to grow.

So How Much Is Quora Worth?

For Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup, Quora it has been a scorching hot few weeks. Thanks to relentless media attention, the company started by Facebook alumni has now become one of the hottest consumer web companies in Silicon Valley. The question is how much is the company worth?

Is Quora Worth the Hype?

Q&A site Quora is lately being called the savior of search and the next Facebook. But is Quora worth all the fuss? But the company is far from alone in the Q&A space, and so the question arises, is Quora really worth all its hype?