Can Quora Find Answers to Work-Related Questions?

I’ve been looking at Quora to see if it might be valuable for web workers. I’m skeptical that sites powered by the public can provide fast and reliable information. But here are some things you can do to improve exposure for your questions.

Can Quora Survive Its Growing Popularity?

Quora, the red-hot Q&A startup, depends on high-quality answers — and has deliberately kept things small in order to cultivate a knowledgeable community. But can it keep those virtues when its membership base is exploding and not everyone wants to play by the site’s rules?

Steve Case’s New Soapbox for Defending AOL: Quora

Steve Case, the founder of AOL and architect of the disastrous merger with media giant Time Warner in 2000, has been using the question-and-answer site Quora to respond to critics of that deal, and also to share his thoughts about the new AOL.

For Quora, the Community Is Everything

Quora founder Charlie Cheever doesn’t really like the word “community” that much. But whatever he chooses to call it, building one is at the core of what he is trying to do with the startup, along with his co-founder and fellow Facebook alumnus Adam D’Angelo.

Quora Opens Up to Search Engines, Facebook Stays Closed

Quora, the question-and-answer startup founded by two former Facebook employees, has opened its database up to search engines today. Facebook, however, prefers to keep the information from its recently launched Facebook Questions service to itself, saying it has no plans to be indexed by search engines.

Facebook Goes (Very) Public With Questions Product

Facebook beta-launches Questions today, a way to ask friends and friends of friends for advice and recommendations on any topic. What’s most surprising about this product is it’s entirely public — and that it’s awfully similar to Quora, the startup founded by former Facebookers.

How Quora Is Trying to Build an Ideal Society

What’s going on at Quora, seven months since announcing itself and a month after opening to the public? We visited co-founder Charlie Cheever at the company’s Palo Alto office to hear more about how the company is handling the dueling forces of growth and quality.

Is Quora Blocking Access by Facebook Employees?

A number of users of the Q&A startup Quora are reporting that the site is unavailable to Facebook employees using the corporate network. It’s not clear why the startup service would do this, unless it sees Facebook’s testing of a similar product as a competitive threat.

Quora Now Owns All Your Content

Quora is one of the few web services I actually enjoy using, mostly because of the high quality of engagement with other Silicon Valley people. But before letting me through the door today, it asked me to agree to its new terms of service.