Why Buying Savvis Makes Perfect Sense for CenturyLink

Hot on the heels of its Qwest acquisition, CenturyLink plans to buy Savvis, the data center provider. The $3.2 billion deal mirrors the $1.4 billion Terremark buy that Verizon completed earlier this month as telecommunications providers buy their way into providing cloud and managed hosting services.

Bye, Bye Qwest and Hello Cloud!

The merger between CenturyLink and Qwest officially closed today, creating the nation’s third largest phone company in a world where being a phone company means less and less. I spoke with a company executive about making cloud acquisitions and the ever-growing demand for bandwidth.

Qwest Jumps on the Real-Time Cloud Recovery Bandwagon

Qwest Communications today announced a new cloud based application recovery solution aimed for small and medium sized businesses. Qwest’s Real-Time Application Recovery offering aims to provide business continuity at a much lower price than conventional backup solutions and in doing so each the SMB market.

Stimulus Money to Halve Solar Costs? Think Again

Can the stimulus money really help to drive down the price of solar electricity by half in the next five years? Yes, according to a White House report on Tuesday touting the impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. But think again.

CenturyTel to Buy Qwest in $22.4B Deal

CenturyTel said today it would buy Qwest Communications in a deal valued at $22.4 billion, continuing the consolidation of rural telephone companies and ending speculation of whether Qwest would sell itself. CenturyTel will spend $10.3 billion buying Qwest stock and will assume $11.8 billion in debt.

Vid-Biz: YouTube, ZillionTV, Brightcove

YouTube to Kill IE6 Support on March 13; Google has given a specific kill date for old browser support, meaning that some future features on YouTube won’t work in older browsers. (Ars Technica)

Qwest Plows Millions Into ZillionTV; telco has invested $10 million in startup ZillionTV in return for exclusive rights to offer the IP-delivered video-on-demand service in the telco’s footprint. (Multichannel News)

Water-Cooler Effect: Internet Can Be TV’s Friend; Blogs and social Web sites like Facebook and Twitter enable an online water-cooler conversation, encouraging people to split their time between the computer screen and the big-screen TV. (NY Times)

WGAW Signs 33rd Online Content Company; Emmy-nominated production company Big Fantastic (Prom Queen, Sorority Forever) has signed on as a signatory to the Writer’s Guild of America, West. (press release)

The TV Numbers Game; Vizio is now the best-selling LCD brand in the United States, but Samsung sells more LCD and plasma sets together than anyone else. (NY Times)

Brightcove Announces Major Customer Wins & Partnerships in Spain; the online video platform signed major new Spanish customers Tuenti, Grupo Vocento, Sony Music Spain, Conde Nast Digital Spain, Grupo V, GEC, GX Magazine and TQMadrid. (press release)

Comcast Adds Antivirus to Its Broadband Package

Comcast said today that it will bundle a subscription to Norton’s antivirus software for its business and residential broadband customers, adding yet another perk for broadband subscribers. As competition increased in some markets, providers are luring customers with more perks.

I Want to Be a Swiss Mrs.

The world has a lot to teach us about broadband competition, which is why I checked in on the latest customer for Cisco’s data crunching edge router to discover how Swisscom is taking steps to lower its own deployment costs and get fiber to the home.

Mobile Tech Minutes: Consumer ThinkPad Edge on Video

[wpvideo hEDZXZn9 w=560]

The ThinkPad brand has long been associated with top-notch business-class notebooks. The famous black notebooks have appeared in conference rooms the world over, and the ThinkPad brand has come to mean fine quality business notebooks. The folks at Lenovo look to bring the ThinkPad into the consumer space, and the ThinkPad Edge is the first effort to get folks to bring the ThinkPad home.

The Edge is available in three sizes, 13, 14, 15 inch screens, and all have a sporty cover that is available in either glossy black or red. Lenovo has attempted to make a consumer notebook that fits into the high-quality mold of the ThinkPad, and the Edge is a good first effort.

I have been fortunate enough to receive a ThinkPad Edge prior to launch, and have been using one for a few weeks. In the video I show the build quality and nice design touches that Lenovo has put in this first consumer ThinkPad. The model in the video is the 13-incher, with a glossy (smudge magnet) black lid. I demonstrate the unique features of the Edge, including the nice chiclet keyboard and the inclusion of both a multitouch trackpad and a ThinkPad trackstick.

I state in the video that the Edge will be available for a starting price of $450, but I have received updated information from Lenovo that corrects that figure. The Edge pricing will start at $549, still a good price for a ThinkPad product. The 13-inch model is available from Lenovo currently, and the 14 and 15-inch models will be available in the second quarter of this year.