Yahoo acquires multimedia storytelling app Qwiki

Yahoo announced that it acquired Qwiki, a company that provides a storytelling app on mobile. Yahoo has been on an acquisition tear recently, from large companies like Tumblr down to smaller startups.

Qwiki launches interactive story-telling platform with ABC News

Qwiki, the start-up known for creating automated multimedia presentations, is launching a new media format that allows publishers, bloggers, web personalities and others to create 60-second video stories that are embedded with other videos, images, maps and links. ABC News is one of the first partners.

Startups pass on Silicon Valley to find their fortunes in New York

In the past couple of months, New York has attracted former San Francisco startup Qwiki, PlaceIQ from Colorado and recent 500 Startups graduate Snapette of Boston, which spent the past half of a year in Silicon Valley. New York is becoming a destination for startups.

At Qwiki, trouble over company’s future

Qwiki, the San Francisco-based search startup, may be going through a rough patch. Qwiki’s two top technical executives and at least one early engineer left abruptly last week, sources say, after major disagreements with the CEO over the company’s future product strategy.

Qwiki: Search as an Aural and Visual Experience

Qwiki presents search results in a montage of images, video, animations and other visual resources, and overlays it with real-time narration, using text-to-speech technology. The result is information as a watchable experience. For me, the experience of watching the content is eerie and unsettling.