Near Field Communication: More Than Just a Mobile Wallet

NFC will arrive in handsets in a big way in the coming months, but other components of a viable “mobile wallet” scenario aren’t in place yet. Here are some possibilities for the technology beyond using it to pay for goods at the retail counter.

Today in Cleantech

There’s been some cool developments in the data center thermal modeling biz this week. First, SynapSense and Future Facilities have teamed to add a little of the former’s monitoring and computational fluid dynamics tech to Future’s virtual data center modeling tools. Optimum Path Systems, on the other hand, is changing the economics of 3D temperature monitoring and modeling by employing inexpensive RFID tags in place of pricey, hard-wired sensors. Neat, but what I want to know is, how long before virtual 3D walkthroughs become the norm in data center monitoring?