Google Books, movies and Nexus 7 tablet head to Japan

Google added new Japanese reading features to its ebooks app yesterday and is now selling the Nexus 7, ebooks and movies through the Google Play store in Japan. Kobo expanded to Japan in July, and Kindle is expected to launch there in October.

Pinterest drops invites and opens to all

Image-sharing site Pinterest, which has been invite-only since its launch in 2010, has now opened up to everybody. The site had nearly 20 million unique monthly visitors as of March 2012, according to comScore, and raised a $100 million funding round in May.

Kobo e-reader and digital bookstore will launch in Japan in July

Fittingly for a company that is now owned by Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten, Kobo is officially launching its e-reader and digital bookstore in Japan in July. The Kobo Touch e-reader will be available for pre-order July 2, and a full digital bookstore opens July 19.