Biofuel maker ZeaChem lines up $232M loan award from USDA

The long-promised but perpetually fledging biofuel industry still remains a big focus of government support. The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Thursday that it has made a conditional commitment for a $232.5 million loan guarantee to biofuel maker ZeaChem.

Despite IPOs, Next-Gen Biofuels Still Creeping Forward in 2011

Despite a series of successful biofuel IPOs recently, and a number of biofuel IPOs in the pipeline, the production of next-gen biofuels, in any kind of volumes that would make a dent in the transportation sector, seems to be creeping, very slowly forward.

Codexis CEO: Note to U.S. Govt., Don’t Act Like a VC

The CEO of biocatalyst company Codexis — Alan Shaw — has a message for the U.S. government and more specifically the Department of Energy: Don’t act like a venture capitalist. Shaw thinks the best endorsement is if a real company has endorsed a technology.

Next-Gen Biofuel Cheat Sheet: Where Are They Now?

Over three years ago I put together this table on 10 of Khosla Venture’s biofuel bets. Given a couple of these companies have gone public, been sold off, or stalled, I decided to look back at these firms with this updated cheat sheet.

Fulcrum Raises $75M, Inches Toward First Waste-to-Fuel Plant

Trash-to-fuel technology could be the quiet front-runner in the next-generation of biofuels. Fulcrum BioEnergy said Tuesday it has lined up $75 million and plans to start building its first commercial refinery using municipal trash this summer.

Feds Promise $571 Million in Biofuel Loan Guarantees

Biofuel production nationwide has been woefully behind schedule as would-be producers struggle to just get their first commercial plants rolling. The U.S. government wants to help and on Thursday announced loan guarantee commitments totaling $571 million for Coskata, Enerkem, and a JV from Valero.

Report: Range Fuels to Shut Down Plant

More bad news about cellulosic biofuel maker Range Fuels. The financially-strapped company reportedly plans to shut down its plant in Georgia after making just one batch of ethanol. It needs to more raise more money and tackle technical problems at its first commercial plant.

Range Fuels Lays Off Workers, Plans to Meet 2011 Target

Here’s the bad news from next-gen biofuel producer Range Fuels: The company has let some workers go. But the good news the company wants you to know is that Range Fuels is still planning to produce enough cellulosic ethanol to meet a government estimate for 2011.