In a cloud computing economy, the NSA is bad for business

A lot of Americans might say they support NSA surveillance of their online activities, but many other people — including folks overseas — aren’t so thrilled. Can these laws withstand pressure from a tech lobby concerned about lost profits from fleeing users?

Most Americans shrug off NSA snooping

Updated: A narrow majority of Americans surveyed are okay with the government gathering data (or metadata) on our online activities, according to new Pew Research.

Microsoft’s Mundie cedes strategy role on way to retirement

Craig Mundie, who was Microsoft’s chief research and strategy officer up till recently, will retire in 2014. With Ray Ozzie and now Steve Sinofsky gone, some wonder who will drive Microsoft’s key technology vision going forward.

Uh oh: Github’s down!

It’s bad enough when Twitter or Facebook fail, but when Github goes down, real work is affected. And Github has now gone down twice in two days. Developers want to know: what’s up with that?

Ray Ozzie’s not alone: Everyone loves Github

Welcome to the age of Github — an era when software development is as much about connecting snippets of existing code as it is about writing that code in the first place. Former Microsoft software chief Ray Ozzie gave Github a rousing endorsement recently.

Azure not a slam dunk for Ray Ozzie’s next venture

Ray Ozzie, the former Microsoft executive charged with driving the development of Windows Azure, is evaluating Azure, along with Amazon Web Services and OpenStack, for use by Cocomo, his mysterious startup company.